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Cannabis Seeds

Regular and Feminized seeds
from CannabisSeeds.com

12 Regular - $19 £10 €12
12 Feminized - $29 £19 €23
40 Feminized - $55 £35 €39

Includes 20 White Widow


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You are buying cannabis seeds direct from source, from our own award winning Dutch breeder.

Our cannabis seeds are grown ORGANICALLY (you are buying cannabis seeds direct from source), with no added amino acids. The cannabis seeds grow naturally, we do not use any forced lighting.

Our orders are packed in crush-proof tubes. We are the only seed company to do this.

We send our cannabis seeds in discrete padded envelopes with no sender details on the outside, discretion is assured at all times.

Why Buy Feminized Seeds?

With feminized cannabis seeds you are guaranteed only female plants. These produce bigger, riper buds.

Cannabis - marijuana - is derived from Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica, a plant related to nettles and hops that grows wild in many parts of the world.

Cannabis is a powerful herb which has been used in pain-relief for centuries. There's just one hitch - it is illegal. Despite this, people are risking going to jail to send the drug to total strangers who say that they desperately need to use cannabis as a painkiller

12 Regular - $19 £10 €12
12 Feminized - $29 £19 €23
40 Feminized - $55 £35 €39 -
- Includes 20 White Widow

... is the number one question we are constantly asked.

Our cannabis seeds come direct from source from our own Dutch (award winning) breeder. Our advertising costs are low because we have the factual keyword name of our product, cannabisseeds.com and after 11 years are rated number one by Google, Yahoo and many more major search engines.

We sell no other products and specialize in one product only. We have no designer labeling and low packaging costs. There are absolutely no middle man profits.

All cannabis seeds dispatched by us are not pre-packed by machine and sold off the shelf, all we offers are individually counted and selected by hand. Our Original Seedbank the worlds largest cannabis seeds online store, marijuana seeds shipped rapidly and discreetly worldwide.

Cannabisseeds.com established its online store in 1999, we are now in our fourteenth year of Internet trading.

We have 59 varieties of cannabis seeds in our range. Simply select the seeds you require and order today.

New Cannabis Seeds shows/events in Holland Coming Soon.

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DISCLAIMER ** while Our Cannabis Seeds are legal in the UK, this may not be the case in your own country.
Please check your country's laws on specific CANNABIS SEEDS, before placing your order.