7 FATAL MISTAKES: Why Seeds Not Germinating or Sprouting?

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In Today’s Episode we will look into 7 Fatal Mistakes or reasons, why your seeds are not germinating or sprouting? This knowledge and certain tricks shown in this video might take your vegetable gardening to the next level and you can achieve nearly 100% success in seed germination. We will also look into the explanation for my previous episode on bell pepper seed germination. Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, you will certainly improve your success by avoiding these common gardening mistakes and errors that will be discussed in this gardening video.

Germinating seeds is infact a simple process. But when seeds do not sprout, you feel disheartened and infact some loose their interest in gardening. But you should always take time to evaluate or diagnose the problem. Why didn’t my seeds germinate in previous episode on bell peppers?

Here are the 7 FATAL MISTAKES or Answers to Seed Germination Problems.

ROLE OF SUNLIGHT: Do Seeds require sunlight to germinate? For most of the seeds, sunlight is not required for sprouting of the seeds. Dark, damp and warm conditions are best for the sprouting stage of germination. But once the seeds germinate and two new tiny leaves are out, they need sunlight.

You must follow the “Hardening Off” Method which means a gradual exposure to sunlight, like 1 hour for the first day, 2 hours for the second, 3 hrs for the third and so on to provide full sun exposure.

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