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Worlds first drone delivery service launches in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, delivering groceries and restaurant food by drone, operated by FLYTREX, TEL AVIV.

This will undoubtedly be a big thing in the future, and of course could be the future of medicinal cannabis delivery as well as seed delivery! 

Mail on Sunday, Shivali Best, 
Come on, JUST EAT, AMAZON, Pizza EX, etc SHIVALI say’s 1, hour journey by car is reduced to 8, minutes by drone.

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Mr. X by Carl Sagan

This account was written in 1969 for publication in Marihuana Reconsidered (1971). Sagan was in his mid-thirties at that time. He continued to use cannabis for the rest of his life.

It all began about ten years ago. I had reached a considerably more relaxed period in my life – a time when I had come to feel that there was more to living than science, a time of awakening of my social consciousness and amiability, a time when I was open to new experiences. I had become friendly with a group of people who occasionally smoked cannabis, irregularly, but with evident pleasure. Continue reading Mr. X by Carl Sagan

A high THC percentage cannabis

Armageddon produces big, heavy flowers with lots of crystals and a high THC percentage cannabis. This plant has all the ingredients a grower wishes for in a heavy duty strain.

This sativa influenced strain has the body of an Indica with the typical Sativa high effects.

Expect an easy to grow plant with high yields of serious quality buds.

All Armageddon seeds dispatched by are not pre-packed by machine and sold off the shelf. All our orders are individually counted and selected by hand then sent by first class post in crush-proof tubes and plain packaging, ensuring that you will not get any crushed seeds. We are the only company to do this.


Feminized Seeds

Most cannabis growers don’t want to see a male plant in their grow-room or garden. Fully understood, you don’t want to waste your time and effort on a plant that won’t return your love in form of juicy buds. So, in order to bring up only female plants, what are you supposed to do? The answer is obvious: You buy seeds guaranteed to bring forth only female plants! And that’s precisely what we offer in this section – 100% feminized seeds.

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Cannabis as Medicine

Cannabis as Medicine

Patients taking the drug in capsule form are unable to control the dose as they can with careful inhaling. So the pharmaceutical industry has started developing THC aerosols and inhalers that don’t harm lungs. This makes it easier for patients to control their dose and prevents them from getting too disorientated
Marijuana – increasingly used for pain relief

A powerful herb which has been used in pain-relief for centuries. There’s just one hitch – it is illegal. Despite this, people are risking going to jail to send the drug to total strangers who say that they desperately need to use cannabis as a painkiller

Marijuana, weed, Skunk, grass, pot – they’re all names for cannabis. For decades people have taken the plant for fun – but sick people are increasingly turning to the drug as a painkiller. Please see your local doctor / police officer to seek personal advice on growing 1 or 2 plants for your own personal medical use, you don’t want break the law. Cooking and collecting is totally legal if seeds are used.

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Case Histories

Pauline Taylor is a MS patient from Durham. She has had MS for 15 years, and for five of those, she has smoked Marijuana to ease her pain.

“At the very beginning it was my daughter who got it for me. I was very worried about exposing my daughter in that way… She could’ve got into a lot of trouble with the police.” Sometimes Pauline has to go without Weed for months because supplies can be erratic, but when the pain really kicks in, Marijuana helps and, as a result, Pauline says that she can at least manage to get out of bed in the morning.

Pauline had to smoke Weed and there are now organisations that have the courage and the guts to come forward to help people like her; however there is still the problem of legality and obtaining the drug safely.

Sixty-six-year-old Patricia Tabram from Humshaugh in Northumberland is Britain’s most unlikely drug supplier. This pensioner could go to jail for buying Marijuana which she adds to food which she cooks for herself and for sick friends who live near her home. It all started when Pat was involved in a car crash and endured a series of family tragedies. She also developed severe arthritis. Her first experience of trying to buy Marijuana was bemusing and would probably terrify most old age pensioners, as she explains.

“The first Marijuana I bought, I was told to go to a pub in Newcastle “I stood there with looking out of place with my shopping trolley.” Eventually Pat found a dealer who sold her a small bag for £29. She had no idea what to expect or what she was really getting into. Today she is still breaking the law, this time to help others and to keep the clandestine supply lines open. “I’m just like a little district nurse really but instead of going around with injection needles and things, I go round with boxes of food which will keep them pain-free.” Pat is constantly afraid of being caught, “I’m always nervous that I’m going to bump into the Police.”
A Potted History

The reported beneficial qualities of cannabis as a medicine have been known for centuries. Medicinal Marijuana was first written about by the Ancient Chinese in Sheen Nung’s Pen Ts’ao in 2737BC. The Roman surgeon Dioscorides also praised its medicinal virtues in 70AD whilst the English herbalist Culpeper wrote about it in the Complete Herbal and English Physician. Taken widely for its medicinal value until the 29th Century when it was stigmatised and eventually banned. Marijuana Seeds for sale here.

Cannabis and the Law

In January 2004 cannabis was downgraded to a class c drug in the UK. Medical experts at the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) had said the old classification of cannabis alongside substances like amphetamines was “disproportionate” to its harmfulness.

ACMD chairman Professor Sir Michael Rawlins said his report was not saying cannabis was harmless. “Cannabis is associated with some risks of health but the council concludes that these are less than the risks posed by other Class B drugs such as amphetamine,” he said. The report found the use of cannabis, which has risen sharply over the past 29 years, does not cause any major health problems and rarely causes serious illness in previously healthy people.

The reclassification of cannabis as a Class B drug came into effect in England and Wales in January 2009 amid complaints the new laws were “illogical”.

Ministers went against their own advisors to upgrade the drug.

Cannabis Seedbank.

The Oldest Established Original Cannabis Seedbank. established its online store in 1999 and we are now in our 16th year of successful Internet trading, offering cannabis seeds for sale.

We have 61 Award Winning varieties of cannabis seeds in our range.

Our Cannabis Seeds for Sale are Organic

Our way is to grow ORGANICALLY with no added amino acids. The seeds for our dispensary grow naturally and we do not use any forced lighting, increases the chances of you getting a good yield. Also you can be sure that the final product is going to be free from chemicals and full of natural flavour. We have a passion for constantly improving in the way that mother nature intended and find it best to do this by simply letting the plants do what they should and with the right breeding, will do. It takes time and patience, something that our ancestors took for granted. Each crop would have a percentage of the plants carefully pollinated so that reproduction could take place. Seeds from plants that showed desirable traits were used for the next crop which is not far from the method used today by all breeders. The way the strain is introduced to a new trait is the only difference, traditional breeding or Genetic Engineering! All our cannabis seeds are visually checked by hand for cracks or any imperfections, ensuring great quality and consistency of growth and are individually counted and selected by hand all “Cannabis Seeds ” are sent by FREE express post in crush-proof tubes and plain packaging.