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Cannabis Seed Basics

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Seed Contains… Living (but dormant) organism

Mature Seeds typically have a dark coloration and are hard tend to be the most mature and have the greatest chance at germination.

Seed Anatomy

Seed Coat- protective outer covering

Cotyledon- seed leaves, the first ones to appear once the seed emmerges

Hypocotyl- area of the stem above the roots/soil line and the cotyledon leaves

Radicle- initial root the is produced from the seed

Proper Seed Storage
Humidity: under 10%
Temperature: 40F to 0F(4C to -20C)
Light: Minimal to None

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All about cannabis seeds. Watch before you buy!

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This video is meant to be an introduction into cannabis seeds. In this video I explain common terminology you’ll find while shopping for cannabis seeds. Check out CannaGrow Online! Disclaimer: If you are not 19+ years of age do not watch this channel. This is a 19+ channel that discusses the cultivation of marijuana and tobacco. This channel exists for entertainment and education purposes. Cannabis, cannabis and tobacco cultivation, and paraphernalia are all legal where this show is filmed. Before cultivating your own cannabis or tobacco check into your local laws.

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How to Germinate your Cannabis Seeds!

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Germinating seeds is very easy, even if, for legal reasons, we can’t actually say what specific seeds we may be referring to.

The first thing to say is that not all seeds germinate at the same speed – some may germinate within a couple of days; others may take over a week.

To begin with, check your seeds.

They should be brown, hard and dry. If they look green and fresh, they haven’t yet matured and will not be ready.

The equipment you then need to germinate your seeds is not exactly cutting-edge technology.

Two plates, four sheets of kitchen roll, some distilled water, and that’s it.
Oh, don’t forget your seeds!

First off, dampen, but don’t oversoak the kitchen paper with the distilled water.

Then lay two of the four sheets on a plate.

On top of the sheet place your seeds, approximately an inch apart.

Then place the remaining two sheets of paper on top and gently press them down.

Finally, invert the second plate and place it on top to form a dome.

Now the seeds are in a dark, damp place.

To help them germinate, all they need is a little warmth, keeping them at a temperature of between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Over the next few days, check that the paper never dries out, but don’t oversoak it.
You will know when a seed has germinated as it will have split, and what is called the tap root will have begun to grow.

At this stage resist temptation to touch your seeds as they are very fragile and susceptible to germs.
Get some small, two-inch pots and fill them nearly to the top with potting compost.

Make a small hole in the centre of the compost, about a quarter of an inch deep using a pencil.
Then, using a pair of tweezers, gently transfer the germinated seed into the soil with the tap root pointing downwards.

Dampen the soli with a spray bottle to keep it moist, but if the compost becomes too wet, the seedling may wither and die.

We’ll cover lighting in a separate video as there’s quite a lot to discuss, so in the meantime, if you have any germinating tips, share them with us in the comments below, and of course if you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to our channel, so you too can become a cannabis expert!

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Cannabis Seeds Blog: What is Cannabis?

Youtube description: Think critically about past, present, and future research on the health effects of cannabis in CU on Coursera’s Medical Cannabis: The Health Effects of THC and CBD specialization.

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Early stages of life of a Cannabis seed. I couldn’t resist taking some macro photos of this natural wonder before planting.

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Figured I would do a dedicated germination video since I have started another grow. In this video I show how to germinate Blueberry Autoflowers. If you have any questions or tips feel free to drop them below! Everything in this video is 100% LEGAL in the state that I live. These videos are intended for viewers 21+. I do not condone any sort of illegal activity. These videos are simply a grow log for my plants. Always follow the laws in your state. Don’t be an idiot! If you have any pointers, tips or tricks please leave them down below in the comments. Also, if you have questions please drop them below and I will gladly to answer them. If you found this video helpful or entertaining, please drop a thumbs up! Until next time, KEEP GROWING!

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Today on Lex’s World we move on to the next topic when it comes to pot seeds – storing them. But this video can be applied to any seed. A seed is a storage unit for a finite amount of hormones that are responsible for germination and the key is to keep those hormones from being activated and wasted.

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