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Youtube description: On this episode of Growing Exposed we take you behind the scenes of Northwest Grown. Northwest Grown is located on a unique century old cattle ranch that has been converted into an indoor marijuana growing facility. Now usually indoor growing facilities aren’t known for being welcoming but this property has been around for five generations and is just beautiful. The picturesque 120-acre hobby farm in Washington State features several red barns and even a stream.

Our resident hydroponics expert, Justin meets Kyle, the cultivation manager at Northwest Grown for a tour around this incredible property and approximately 260 light garden. They begin their tour in the mother room. Here we see not only mothers and cuttings but also seedlings, which will form the future of the garden. Kyle explains they have an entire room dedicated to looking for phenos and how they are always looking for that keeper seed that will set them apart from the other grows in Washington.

Kyle then shows Justin how they flood the baby cuttings to eliminate hand watering and save much needed time and energy. It is a full flood and drain system that supports their big library featuring thirty-six genetics, and thirty-six different mothers.

Next stop is the veg room where we check out their mango stream; an heirloom afghani crossed with an OG based out of Northern California that has been in Kyle’s family for years with a huge terpene profile. It grows like a sativa and is known as a jumper plant. Kyle explains it’s all about the terpene profile. At Northwest Grown they average around 5-7% terpene profiles and Kyle shared that he uses the GP3 Green Planet series and massive bloom formulation to achieve these dynamite results.

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Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 9 – Rochester Farms

Youtube description: In this episode of Growing Exposed, our tour-guide Justin gives us an inside look of an over 600 light grow operation with a fully automated high tech system and set-up in Olympia, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. This unique system makes makes growing at a large scale fully manageable for a small crew, and David the Garden Sage goes in depth on the pros and cons of automation in his Teachings Of The Garden Sage. We also learn about the Ebb and Flow system, what the term “sea of green” stands for, and how this facility produces a unique strain with a bad-ass name that lives up to its strength and potency: Alien Grenade.

Marshall, an autobody-guy turned cannabis-cultivator is the owner of Rochester Farms and was first introduced to medicinal cannabis through a very personal experience. Marshall began his journey into cannabis cultivation while his son was struggling with a debilitating and life-threatening disease called ulcerative colitis, a bowel disease that causes ulcers and long-lasting pain and inflammation. With various medical procedures and no prescriptions seeming to provide adequate relief, Marshall was at a point where he would try anything to help his son. His friend suggested medicinal cannabis, and amazingly, it worked. Marshall then took up making a business out of growing cannabis, and his son now works alongside him at the farm.

Rochester Farms is a huge facility, and with so many plants to tend to they had to come up with a clever way to be able to run this operation with so few staff. This garden runs a fully automated irrigation system that provides a very clean environment for the crops. The ebb and flow system waters plants kept in rockwool cubes at a steady rate, flooding the growth beds with nutrient-rich water. Also by keeping the temperature and humidity just right, a lot of problems are eliminated in the process.

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Coffeeshops in Amsterdam : Beginner smoker tips

Youtube description: Far from being as popular among locals as they are among the strtangers, coffeeshops continue to attract an eclectic crowd, mostly men under 30. The goal varies between legally trying cannabis and derivatives and putting your head upside down with your friends.

With, we wanted to take a tour in a few coffees and come back with tips for those who would like to smoke grass or hash in Amsterdam.

And it is not so simple, the legislation prohibits any advertising for coffeshops and many consider that to speak face camera, it is already to advertise.

The other difficulty is not to finish stoned before the interview begins. In the coffeeshops, you will not find many Buddhist apprentices favoring the middle way. The joints are loaded, the smokers motivated and the smoke is for everyone.

If you have never smoked and want to see what it looks like, get into a coffee with a little bit of people in it – if there is nobody it does not work as well, and order tea or fruit juice . After 10 minutes you will feel your eyelids heavier, your diction will be a little more awkward and your body relaxed, soft. Passive cannabism in all its splendor. Of course, smoking is a little more marked. And if you attend a “tasting”, it’s even more violent.

We did not smoke during the interview, but it was a bit rougher than usual.

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