Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 12 – Treedom

Youtube Description: How great would it be to grow the best buds with your best bud? In this episode of Growing Exposed, we take you into a quality growing facility run by childhood friends doing what they love: growing top notch cannabis. You will also learn from the Garden Sage David Robinson why “no small flowers” is key to growing great weed, how to get rebates on your lighting, and how designing the right packaging for your product is one of the most difficult keys to obtain for success–but super rewarding when you get it right.

Right beside a fairly busy crematorium in Bellingham, WA may not seem like the prime location for growing cannabis; the circumstances of its neighbour may even add a veil of eeriness for some visitors. However, this 10,000 square foot facility with a 250 light setup is home to Treedom Productions, ran by Chad and Joe. Growing connoisseur strains such as their Dutch Hawaiian and 9lb Hammer, these friends go into depth over the various time-saving techniques they’ve integrated into their facility.

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