Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 13 – Trail Blazin’

Youtube description: Today we bring you on a tour of a pesticide free garden, reclaiming 98 percent of their water, and is the only indoor garden we’ve ever featured, that is growing cannabis plants under 100 percent LED lighting fixtures. This Washington state I-502 producer-processor is called Trail Blazin’. Understandably, they are proud of the fact that the cannabis they’re producing is sustainable; this facility is as green as “green” can get

Leading the tour today is Juddy of Trail Blazin’ Productions. Juddy takes you through a couple vegetative rooms, in addition to several of the six “all LED” flowering rooms.

Since we timed our visit perfectly to arrive on harvest day, we also get an introduction to the trim crew, in addition to learning about the procedures they use to process the pounds of dried bud.

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