Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 6 – Back Country 300

Youtube description: What do you get when you have a grower that wants to set up a very high-end, custom-built grow operation nestled in an old growth forest in a remote area of British Columbia? With the help of our garden tour-guide Justin, a 20-year veteran in the hydroponics industry, we’ll find out.

Red doors mean fortune in Chinese culture, and behind red doors of solid steel is a vast fortune of green gold called Super Kush. But to grow the best of the best, this garden has to be full-throttle. With just under 1 million BTUs of air conditioning, 300 HID lights, and 600 amps of 3-phase power, this grower has designed a facility that produces some of the most potent and high-quality cannabis in the world today. There is no messing around when it comes to security, which is essential when running an operation this huge. Heavy duty steel doors, armor-coated from top to bottom, lead into four separate rooms with eight HID lights each, totalling three-hundred lights in the entire facility.

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