Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 7 – Acres Upon Acres

Youtube description: Acres and Acres and Acres and Acres, is it a dream come true? This 7-acre natural sunlight greenhouse production facility located in California is a field of dreams for medical cannabis growers. Producing strains such as Sherbert, facilities such as this one will dictate the future of medicinal cannabis production for all of the USA. Our tour guide Justin, a 20 year veteran in the hydroponics industry, takes us through this impressive and massive facility to show us the prime of top-notch greenhouse cannabis production from germination to harvest.

What makes natural sunlight greenhouses superior to other forms of cannabis production? First and foremost, it’s the utilization of natural sunlight that slashes energy costs and the temperate climate of California that allows for extremely large scale cannabis production. But, that wouldn’t be possible without the labor. With lots of cannabis plants, an immense amount of space, workers need to be able to move and tend to plants. Thankfully, this facility has an ingenious method of making the workers’ jobs simple as possible. Each row is controlled by a lever that moves the entire row side to side to maximize space.

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