Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 8 – Sugarleaf

Youtube description: What do you get with a master grower and winner of two cannabis cups? A master grow facility… In this episode of growing exposed, our tour guide and veteran grower Justin takes us into a grow operation whose sugar-coated plants live up to the name of the facility “Sugarleaf”. We take a look behind scenes and see the inner workings of a horticultural mastermind with his process, setup, and world-class strains, and take a look at some awesome LED light tech that will make you question buying that replacement HID bulb once it burns out. Jason, Master Grower of Sugarleaf Farms in Washington State, has won two Cannabis Cups in Colorado, and was master grower for both award-winning strains: presidential Kush for the 2014 Cannabis Cup and his flagship strain White 99, winner of the 2015 Cannabis Cup.

Jason’s farm is a 380 light operation north of Seattle. Growing indoors, space is always an issue, but Jason uses a combination of his own creativity and past knowledge and experience which he adopted from his time working at two of the largest companies in the state of Colorado.

In the cloning room, this grow uses an aeroponic system to root clones. This system is fast, condensed and can run 288 cuts per tray. Essentially, you turn it on, go for 10 days and transplant.

In the vegetative stage, Sugarleaf uses 200 watt LEDs and adds in some Gavita 1000W double ended HPS lamps to provide a broader spectrum of light to prepare plants for the flowering stage. Mother plants are grown to insane proportions to allow for cuts, before being trimmed down to a more manageable size.

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