Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 9 – Rochester Farms

Youtube description: In this episode of Growing Exposed, our tour-guide Justin gives us an inside look of an over 600 light grow operation with a fully automated high tech system and set-up in Olympia, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. This unique system makes makes growing at a large scale fully manageable for a small crew, and David the Garden Sage goes in depth on the pros and cons of automation in his Teachings Of The Garden Sage. We also learn about the Ebb and Flow system, what the term “sea of green” stands for, and how this facility produces a unique strain with a bad-ass name that lives up to its strength and potency: Alien Grenade.

Marshall, an autobody-guy turned cannabis-cultivator is the owner of Rochester Farms and was first introduced to medicinal cannabis through a very personal experience. Marshall began his journey into cannabis cultivation while his son was struggling with a debilitating and life-threatening disease called ulcerative colitis, a bowel disease that causes ulcers and long-lasting pain and inflammation. With various medical procedures and no prescriptions seeming to provide adequate relief, Marshall was at a point where he would try anything to help his son. His friend suggested medicinal cannabis, and amazingly, it worked. Marshall then took up making a business out of growing cannabis, and his son now works alongside him at the farm.

Rochester Farms is a huge facility, and with so many plants to tend to they had to come up with a clever way to be able to run this operation with so few staff. This garden runs a fully automated irrigation system that provides a very clean environment for the crops. The ebb and flow system waters plants kept in rockwool cubes at a steady rate, flooding the growth beds with nutrient-rich water. Also by keeping the temperature and humidity just right, a lot of problems are eliminated in the process.

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