Growing Exposed Season 2 Episode 1: LA Grown Kush

Youtube description: Los Angeles is where people go to make it big, even when it comes to bud. LA is California’s best known and most populated city that continues to drive entertainment, music, fashion, and even cannabis trends for the entire nation. LA’s reputation is earned, as they have been a hub for years, moving large quantities of cannabis to the rest of the country. LA is the hometown of many cannabis celebrities, including legend Cheech Marin, best known for the comedy act Cheech and Chong. You’ll get to hear from Cheech later, alongside director, writer, producer and lead actor James Hutson, about the independant film Dark Harvest and learn why it took Cheech over 30 years to star in another weed movie.

However, if you’re a visitor to the city of Los Angeles, wouldn’t you like to know where the locals shop for their awesome Cali weed? You would probably have a completely different scenario in mind when they tell you “The Bridge”. In reality, it’s not quite what you would expect. Sketchy? Heck no. Sophisticated? Heck yes.

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