Dear Providers….This is to 1rst and foremost let you know my order arrived safely. It took only 5 days. I am sooooooooooo pleased with your fantastic service. You have put a smile on my face and within my heart and soul. I must add….you bury your competition. I hope the products will produce 1rst grade quality. Thanks again!! I am a customer . It is a pleasure doing business with you. Bless you…Be well….

Sincerely Norm

I received my shipment, thx you for the super fast service, plus they look nice and plump you can look for my business in the future,

Thx Tony

I received my package from you today. I am very excited and impress with your shipping and the quality of your product. I received my order 6 days after placing it. I am very satisfied and will be a returning customer and will defiantly recommend you . “KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”

Kenneth N

My order arrived yesterday,…placed it on the 19th…thank you for such speedy delivery…..


Received my order in just under one week! Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order. The packaging was just as you promised-discreet and adequate. A great pleasure doing business with you. Now on to an adventure.

Hi, I just want to thank you for getting right on that. The package came in today, either you mailed it off super express or it’s the first one you sent out. Anyway I am happy that it came in. I will pass it on about the true service you have. I will be ordering more.

Thanks Again Very Happy Customer

I received my order today. Y’all are the greatest! Keep it green “PEACE”

Joey USA



Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and on my birthday no less. Was thrilled! Well done! Hugs, Old school!


Just received my product in the mail today thanks! The mail stamp is very interesting, just saying, cool.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. THANKS! After my bad experience with your competitor, which still hasn’t arrived after 8 weeks, I was delighted to receive your shipment so quickly. I will spread the good news about your reliability.

Best, Gary

Thank you for my bean order that arrived yesterday in under a week. The beans arrived intact and fresh looking with no defects. I have no doubt I will be pleased with my purchase. I live in a State [New Mexico] where it is perfectly legal under State law to germinate beans for personal medicinal use under the NM Medical Cannabis Program which I am a participant in. I thank you for your efficient service and delivery. As a bonus, I have posted several links to your business on my Facebook page to promote your latest sale. You have what seems to be the very best prices on the net! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future and recommending you to my friends. I have over 3,000 420 friends on my Facebook network, so hopefully, that will generate some sales for you. Thanks again for your great prices and service!

Cheerz, ~ Peter Anastasia

Hi. I just wanted to let u guys know that I think ur company is awesome! I have received my order in less than a week! Great prices, speedy fast shipping. I am curious however, the product I ordered is Feminized? Also, can u relay the actual strain names to me? Awesome company and do look forward to filling many more orders for me. Oh, how much longer can I get these great prices? Thanks, hope to hear from u soon. JoJoe

I received my order yesterday as expected wanted to say thanks to you guys for your hard work best wishes to the cannabisseeds family take care and thanks again for the wonderful and speedy service will recommend indeed.

Thank you first time I’ve ordered from you guys but thank you for the reply back will recommend you guys absolutely take care and god bless

Wow it only takes one day to get here? The last place I ordered from took like 2 weeks lol#

Hi just wanted to let you know I received my order today. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. You can let me know if you have any sales.

Thanks, Jeff.

Thanks im so glad i love your company one seed bank that is not just a money grab hope your well and have a good weekend.

I made a purchase from you that is to be fem. W W. Your parcel came as you said it would. Great job on delivery. The container has CSO O F. Can you tell me if this is WW? Thank you for the fine way you have done. You now have another loyal customer!

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Wanted to let you know I finally received that. Thanks for being awesome.

Dear sir, Thank you for taking the time to write back. I hope we can do more business in the near future. Do you send freebies along with your order? Have to say I am impressed with the price too. Take care and keep up the good fight!

Hello there! Placed order around 6/28, received order not long after that, love what you’re doing, ordered feminized super silver haze.

Love the little tubes they came in. Once again thank you , and oh I am disabled and if you want a great review I will write one up for ya,,, peace God Bless.