Double Decked Growing: Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 3

Youtube Description:

What do a double-decker bus and a cannabis garden have in common? In this unique situation, the use of vertical space to fit as much as possible into a small area. When you’re the first legal facility in your location, finding a location can prove difficult as many businesses are apprehensive about having a marijuana grow in their area. For this reason, the selection of potential facilities is limited, so a small unit in an industrial park seems like a fair compromise.

According to the expert knowledge of David Robinson, it’s important to note that environment isn’t everything. You can have strong genetics with a mediocre environment and still get a good yield. However, mediocre genetics in an ideal environment will still only give you an average yield. Having strains with strong genetics allows Fine Detail Greenway to pump out good yields consistently.

In the flowering room, there are always new plants coming in and ready plants coming out for harvest. They have six feet of growing room per deck, and although it seems like a small amount of space, keeping the plants short is beneficial as there is not enough room to raise the lights and reduce heat if the plants grow tall, which can damage them and thus minimize yield.

This is, Double Decked Growing!

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