Cannabis Seeds Vision

We at would humbly ask the powers that be to be so kind and (with immediate effect, please) legislate the right for people with a medical condition or where it has been shown to be of benefit for that particular person’s problem to have a right to cultivate cannabis seeds for personal use or, better still, to have access to amounts of prescribed cannabis without fear of police harassment or arrest.

Many good people anxiously await the government’s response in the positive.

The Future

 We believe cannabis will come to be recognised as both a recreational relaxant in much the same way that alcohol is viewed and a remarkably efficacious medicament for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis and similar illnesses where current pharmaceutical technology fails to bring adequate, satisfactory and safe relief.

We believe the decriminalisation of cannabis and the proper education of the public to its benefits will seriously relieve the heavy burden current ill-informed and enforced legislation imposes on the nation’s police force.